Loud Pipes Make Noise.

Loud Pipes Cause Permanent Hearing Damage
[ especially to the fools that install them on their bikes ]

Loud Pipes Irritate Lots of People.

Loud Pipes Are Illegal.

Loud Pipes Create a Negative Image For Other Law-Abiding Motorcyclists.

Loud Pipes Are Obnoxious.

Loud Pipes Are A Sign of Ignorance.

Loud Pipes Risk Rights.

Loud Pipes Save Lives is a Ridiculous Myth.

Loud Pipes Risk Getting Needless Citations.

Loud Pipes are Expensive.

Biker News and Motorcycle News Encourage Loud Pipes.
Some Idiots Actually Buy-In on the Idea.

The Loud Pipes Dumb Idea Creates a Market for "Loud Pipes Save Lives Decals".

Read more ... Part A [PDF]        Read more ... Part B [PDF]

Loud Pipes Make All Motorcyclists A Target of More Government Regulation.

However, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that Loud Pipes Save Lives.

If you agree, please email us at FXB Enterprises, loudpipessavelives@dcg1.net